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What’s It Worth For A Breath Of Fresh Air? In China, About $860

It’s a classic example of supply and demand: how much would you pay for a bottle of fresh air in one of the world’s most polluted cities?

When Beijing artist Liang Kegang returned home from a vacation in France, he brought with him a jar of clean air he collected in Provence, along the Normandy coast. In an auction in a group of about 100 fellow artists and collectors, the air fetched the equivalent of $860, according to The Associated Press.”

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I’ve begun listening to sermons by Derwin Gray of Transformation Church, somewhere in SC. I like them a lot =) He is a former NFL player who also made the video. I have been known to once in a while nerd out and yell, “share that in a coffee shop baby!”

Look him up…he has podcasts out in video and audio podcasts. =)


How your pet goldfish can help grow kitchen herbs

Back to the Roots, a company started by two UC Berkeley graduates, focuses on making products that promote sustainability in food.  They’re behind those mushroom grow kits you may have seen at Whole Foods and now they’ve developed a product that uses aquaponics to grow plants.  Above is a really great explanation of the science behind aquaponics food systems.

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I wish I saw this before Christmas.


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